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Welcome to my kitchen

I'm Mary Ann and hopefully this should make a good read about what's happening around the brewery.

David and I started out with a plan 25 years ago. We decided to build our brewery in a dream location planted in the hills of Luppitt.

I am just one of those natural Mums who enjoy every job that's thrown at me. Some of those jobs are better than others, but when David asked me to brew beer, well, I could not have been happier.

I come from a long line of brewers, but as men have it, or certainly my father would have it, ‘ladies' didn't brew beer - so I learnt to cook and type and nurse. Then, 25 years ago, my dream came true.

Now of course I'm using my other training as well. I look after everyone here, and take care of the garden, vegetables and willow beds which clean all our dirty water.

I'm always around to help with any job that needs an extra pair of hands and I'm never short of ideas!


On a lovely sunny day like today, I saw a large tractor collecting our spent hops from the top field. We have 3 bays of composting hops at present here, and Nick is taking the rest for his Christmas trees and also making compost. It's a sterile mulching for the beds and looks good when it has rotted down properly, it's a bit smelly if used too young!

All our waste yeast, of which there is a fair amount now (Gus can't use it all) still goes off to the pig farmer and it gets blended into a mixture for the pigs to enjoy. One day we shall get a tanker to transport it, but at present it goes off on the back of our trucks in big plastic containers.

Our spent grains are also going to a local farmer for his cattle, again the collection point is in...

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Patrick & Cattle
Mary Ann
Well, at 7am I thought it was still night time! Dark wet and windy, it would have been nicer to snuggle down under the sheets again! This time last week we were enjoying sunshine, what a cockeyed world we live in.

After feeding the puppies and the necessary jobs there, bacon sandwiches and a check around diaries to find out what trips are happening...

I've long had a love of chickens, and this winter I've had so many lovely tales of chickens and children, that I've taken chance by hand and tomorrow my chickens arrive! They have a lovely run which I hope we have managed to make fox proof.

When we lived in our last house we used to sell free range eggs by the road side. It was...

Mary Ann

I thought I'd share something warming with you given the incredibly cold weather we've all been subjected to recently.

This is one of the winter soups I'd dish up for everyone here on cold days to keep them all going. You can use carrots, parsnips, celeriac, beetroot or artichokes.

1). Scrub and...

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