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Where better to spend Valentine's Day than watching the Chiefs at home to Newcastle!! As well as an emphatic win on the pitch, it was a double celebration for some. We'll let David Jessop pick up the story:

"Imagine my surprise when my name was called to attempt the "Over the Bar challenge" at the Chiefs game on Saturday. It was my birthday and the day had been full of surprises. My wife had arranged lots of wonderful things including submitting my name for the half time challenge. I was to take the last kick - the vast majority had failed.

The "Otter" was nervous wanting to make the run knowing that he would be caught by "Pocahontas" and as it was Valentine's day the added pressure of a second chaser - a young lady. The crowd fell silent - 7000+ watched with anticipation. The above mentioned young lady (who had never kicked a rugby ball in her life before) punted the ball - it went over - we high fived.

I had already had the East Terrace sing "Happy Birthday" to me as I made my way to the meeting area and, as I left my position in the terrace - bets were being taken as to whether or not I would make a fool of myself. The intensity of the pressure was building - I stepped up. The drop kick flew arrow like between the posts - Johnny Wilkinson would have been proud of such an effort.

Thank you for the opportunity of showing my drop kick skills to so many people and for making my day so good."

A pleasure David, enjoy your beer!

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