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Introducing Tarka Lager

Tarka has specifically been designed for pubs and the on-trade across the South West of England. It is a crisp and light pint perfect for every occasion.

As with the whole Otter range it will be a completely natural product: just pure Devon spring water, different types of hops, a variety of spring sown barley malt and yeast.

Made in the hoppy Northern German Pilsner style, at 4.8% ABV Tarka is a cheeky little pint that likes to duck and dive with the big boys.

The branding is young and vibrant, cheeky but serious. Drawing on the very best brewing traditions and made with Devon spring water, it will be marketed as pure rather than premium and have an immediate point of difference.

As the bubbles stream up the glass, you'll see Tarka diving down through them. The strapline 'Dive In' leads the POS. The deep blue cobalt hue of the pump clip hints at its rural Westcountry roots.

The phrase 'to lager' comes from the German 'lagern' which means 'to store'. Tarka is cold fermented for 2 weeks then transferred to lagering tanks for 4 weeks. It is then chilled further for another week, filtered and kegged.

The spring water that is already tapped from the head springs of the River Otter is perfect for a lager and conforms precisely with the Rheinheitsgebot or German Purity Law. Tarka is actually purer than a cask ale.

The waste products, predominantly water, will be treated without chemicals in the brewery's on-site willow bed effluent system as they are now.

Adrian Tierney-Jones, one of the UK's leading beer writers describes Tarka as: "Beautiful to behold: pale gold and as clear as a mountain stream. A sprightly carbonation engages the palate, which is enlivened by bitter lemon and herbal notes. If a good lager is a canvas on which the colours of malt and hops are spread evenly and pleasingly proportioned, then Tarka Lager is a masterpiece that should hang on the wall of every pub."



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